My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


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(The concept of awaiting and our duties (3

Saturday, 3 August 2013، 03:50 AM

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Our Society responsibilities



  • As mentioned before: we should improve our social skills and prepare ourselves to enter into society, and get ready to move human communities from the disappeared ages to the reappearance ages. We should try to promote the spirit of anti-oppression in the world and in the whole communities.


  • In our perspective "the Islamic Republic of Iran" tries to achieve this goal and prepare  the world for the emergence era. In fact the Islamic Republic of Iran has some final goals:
    • Battle against the domineering powers in the world specially Zionism;
    • Trying to promote the spirit of anti-oppression in the world;
    • Unity between Muslim nations;
    • Set up the new Islamic civilization.


  • So, we have 3 kind of duties:
    • Protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
    • Making every effort for its progress and development;
    • Training the manpower and building righteous individuals.




A: Protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

  • After revolution we achieved a lot of things, and now we should try to protect from them, such as: Velayat-e Faqih, Constitution, the general policy of the regime, Imam Khomeini and Khamenei's statements and … 
  • So we have to make efforts for protection these achievements such as: participation in elections, observing the law, making every efforts for scientific or economic developments, …




B: The progress of  the Islamic Republic of Iran:

  • If we determined to make progress and create the new Islamic Civilization and achieve the spiritual life (Hayat-e-taiba), we must do a few important things:
    • Design the structures of civilization on the basis of the Islamic thought, such as: Economic system, Educational system, Cultural system, ….
    • Design the Islamic lifestyle and the Islamic city style.
    • Production of knowledge in civilization:
      • Fundamental knowledge: Philosophy, Mysticism, ...
      • Infrastructural knowledge: Sociology, Political sciences, Economics, ….
      • Structural knowledge: Mathematics, Engineering sciences, Medical sciences, ...
      • Behavioral knowledge: Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Ethics, Psychology, ...


  • This knowledge make us to design a new civilization on the base of the Islamic thought. So we should learn and develop them.



C: Training the manpower:

I'll write about it in the next post, God willing …




  • Could you do me a favor? Please, review my sentences and feel free to comment my mistakes!
  • If you'd like, you can read the full post in Persian here
  • I will continue talking about "our social duties" in the next post, God willing!

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