My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


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(The concept of awaiting and our duties (1

Tuesday, 2 July 2013، 01:00 PM

Imam Mahdi



  • "Imam Mahdi" is a very important figure in the Shia beliefs. Shia Muslims and even some Sunni Muslims believe him to be hidden by God.
  • He has a great duty. He will reappear soon and fight with darkness and injustices. He has to spread justice and peace in the whole wide world. So, we are "awaiting" for him to return and change the world.
  • As it turns out, the "awaiting" is one of the most important concepts in the Shia beliefs.


 Imam Mahdi



The right meaning of "awaiting":

  • What's the right meaning of "the emergence of  the Imam Mahdi (A.J)"? and what's the duty of us when he's hidden?
  • Do we just have to pray for him to return? and don’t we have to do something? What are the true responsibilities of us?
  • As a matter of fact, "awaiting" isn't one part of our duties, it's an important part of our personality.


 Imam Mahdi


Two dangerous slips in the concept of "awaiting":

  • We have to pay more attention to the philosophy of "awaiting the return of him" to keep ourselves away from wrong paths.
  • Unfortunately, nowadays there are two dangerous problems, that can change the effect of "awaiting":
    • Get involved with simple issues and neglect of important topics. (superficiality).
    • And "awaiting" becomes a subjective concept, without any special effect upon it.
  • We usually think, we are expecting for a man who is going to change the world. we think, some day he will come to us, but in fact he's staying in a specific historical situation and we should try to move the society toward him!


 Imam Mahdi




The western civilization and the concept of "awaiting":

  • After the Islamic Revolution in Iran (1979),  the western strategists noticed that "the Islamic thoughts" (especially Mahdism) gradually spread in the world. And it's very dangerous for the western culture. Therefore they held some conferences about "the personality of Shia" to know it more.
  • So, they decided to change the meaning of some concepts like as "Mahdism, awaiting, emergence, global justice and peace, …" by the western civilization tools, such as movies, computer games, news media, TV channels, etc.

  • Thus we must be careful with open-eyes, because they don’t want Shia to be alive.





Hopping to emerge ...




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  • If you'd like, you can read the full post in Persian here.
  • I will write in the next post about our responsibilities during the time of disappearance (of imam Mahdi)




  • Ali Mousavi



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