My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


My Lord! .... Bring me out of the darkness of my illusions and grant me some of the lights of your knowledge.


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(The concept of awaiting and our duties (2

Monday, 15 July 2013، 01:01 PM

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Imam mahdi




  • In this writing, I want to turn the subjective concept of "awaiting" into the objective reality, and this leads to realize the position of "awaiting" in our life and daily activities.


Our duties in the time of disappearance:

  • In the Islamic perspective, a Muslim has two kind of responsibilities: individual and social responsibility. So we must try to grow us individually and socially.
  • Besides, each one of them is involved with other one, so individual growth without social growth will be incomplete or even incorrect.
  • Thus, we should define "individual growth" in a way that helps us to achieve "social growth".
  • Also, during the disappearance of Imam Mahdi (A.J), we have these two kinds. So, we should survey each of them from the "awaiting" point of view to realize our duties in the time of disappearance.


Imam mahdi


A: personality duties:

It seems to me, we should pay attention to these things if we're going to get "individual growth":

  • Engage in spiritual education: Self-control and keeping self away from making sin.
  • deep knowledge of Islamic thoughts: we must try to acquire the "knowledge of pure Islam", because it is the first step to implement Islamic thoughts in society.
  • Abilities and skills: we should always try studying science and developing our skills. So we must choose our major and occupation from "the awaiting culture" of view.
  • Emotional connection with Imam Mahdi (A.J): and at last we should involve our life with the Imam emotionally. and we need to improve that connection every day, with:
    • asking Allah to hasten his reappearance;
    • attendance in the ceremony that related to him;
    • keep praying great prayers such as Dua Ahd, Dua Nodbe, Dua Faraj, etc.
    • ...


Imam Mahdi



  • We must try to get the growth in four dimensions, namely: morality (spirituality), rationality, capability and emotions. Thus, if we can get all of them together, we will achieve a "comprehension and equal growth"
  • Focusing on the emotions and leaving other dimensions, can able to lead to misunderstanding of Islam and creating some cultural abnormalities.
  • Morality and rationality have a great place in our growth, in fact, religion without morality and rationality must be dangerous, it's such as a sharp knife in a drunk person's hand that might easily damage himself or anybody else.

 Imam Mahdi



  • Could you do me a favor? Please, review my sentences and feel free to comment my mistakes!
  • If you'd like, you can read the full post in Persian here
  • I will write in the next post about "our social duties" ,God willing.

  • Ali Mousavi




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